Wenn Sie auf ein anderes auftrag.at-Abo umsteigen wollen, kontaktieren Sie bitte unseren Customer Service unter office@auftrag.at oder +43 1 417 0 430. Hinweis: Es ist nur ein Umstieg in Form eines Upgrades möglich.

If you want to switch to another auftrag.at subscription, please contact Customer Service at office@auftrag.at or on +43 1 417 0 430. Please note: It’s only possible to switch if you upgrade.

You can cancel your subscription by writing to

Wiener Zeitung Digitale Publikationen GmbH | auftrag.at
Maria-Jacobi-Gasse 1, 1030 Wien, Media Quarter Marx 3.3

or via mail, if using a qualified digital signature. Please note that there is a three-month cancellation period for annual subscriptions. If you have a flexible subscription, you can cancel the contract in any one month. Details on this and how the notice periods are made up can be found in our terms of use.

If you’ve been a customer since 23 November 2021,
This function is currently not available. Please contact Customer Service at office@auftrag.at or +43 1 417 0 421, for further information.

If you were a customer prior to 23 November 2021,
you can upgrade your subscription after logging in HERE

When your 30-day trial period ends, you will receive an email informing you that you will no longer receive any hit emails. To continue using the service, you must log in with your existing data and sign up for one of our four paid subscriptions. Your search profile from the test subscription will then be reactivated unchanged. You can then continue to use your auftrag.at account to participate in auftrag.at e-tendering.

During your free trial period, you can use all the features of auftrag.at search free of charge and without any further obligation for thirty days. Create a search profile and you will automatically receive the search results as a hit email into your mailbox each day. This enables you to keep track of all current calls for tenders and their publications that match your search profile.

When selecting your subscription, select the option "Start free trial period" and register as a user. Your subscription will be available immediately. You can use auftrag.at search for thirty days free of charge.

You can buy the subscription of your choice online at auftrag.at. To do this, register as a new user and pay securely by credit card after selecting the subscription you want. Your subscription will be available immediately after purchase.

Yes, you must take out a paid subscription to use auftrag.at. Different subscription models are available. There is also the option of a free four-week trial period without any further obligation, or you can use the Quicksearch function on the homepage, also free of charge.

Sie können Ihr Abo per Einschreiben an

Wiener Zeitung Digitale Publikationen GmbH | auftrag.at
Maria-Jacobi-Gasse 1, 1030 Wien, Media Quarter Marx 3.3

oder per E-Mail mit qualifizierter elektronischer Signatur einer oder mehrerer vertretungsberechtigter Personen kündigen. Bitte beachten Sie dabei die dreimonatige Kündigungsfrist für alle Abos außer dem auftrag.at-Flex-Abo. Bei einem Flex-Abo können Sie das Vertragsverhältnis jeden Monat auflösen. Details dazu und wie sich die Kündigungsfristen zusammensetzen, finden Sie in unseren Nutzungsbedingungen.